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Manifestations of Erectile Dysfunction
Isolated cases of absence or instability of an erection are found in every man under the influence of external circumstances, current diseases. The following complaints are present for the development of pathology for three months:

insufficient penis tension for sexual intercourse;

the absence or instability of the reaction of the organ in response to its stimulation;

increase in time spent on stimulation;

lack or insufficient quality of morning erections;

significant lengthening of recovery time;

premature ejaculation.

Manifestations of functional (psychogenic) and organic dysfunction have a number of distinctive features. Psychogenic is characterized by an unexpected onset and frequency of occurrence. There is a connection between the traumatic situation and the debut of the disorder. A positive response is noted during masturbation, maintaining an erect state during intercourse, if it is possible to start it. Morning erection is present.

Organic is developing gradually. It is present almost constantly, in varying degrees of severity. It progresses over time. There are no morning reactions. During sexual intercourse, the voltage of the penis decreases. A connection with other diseases or the use of pharmacological agents, intoxication is revealed. The severity of symptoms correlates with the severity of other organic changes.

The problem affects both sexual partners. Therefore, it is extremely important to begin timely treatment of erectile dysfunction in men already at the first signs of the disorder.